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Improving Access to Effective Treatments for Depression

A research program led by Professor David Richards at the University of Exeter (trials and Phase IV implementation studies) has changed national policy in the UK on the treatment of depression.
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MichalD84 commented on February 12, 2015
There is nothing worse, then going through hell of depression. You wake up each day, not knowing if you will make it 'till night, or you will simply give in, and end it all yourself. The drugs sometimes help, and sometimes make it worse. Felt like I had no control whatsoever over my own life. But with some help from my family, the people who truly love me, I managed to get myself out of that hell-hole. It took me a while, but I managed to teach myself how to push trough the day, and keep on fighting. In the end, it all comes down to helping yourself get up and fight, because without that no one can truly help you, no matter how much they would want to. To conclude, help yourself, so you could go out into the world, and start truly living, and that will be a cure on it's own. http://lookingu­­lhealth/2015/02/­06/how-to-destroy-depression/