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Jeffrey Lieberman, MD: What If There Was No Stigma in Mental Illness?

Jeffrey Lieberman, MD, Professor and Chair, Columbia University Department of Psychiatry, speaks about stigma and its consequences, and discusses what a public health care approach to mental health would look like if mental illness had no more stigma than cancer, if we saw the battle as courageous instead of dangerous, if we saw the combatants as people worthy of our praise...
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JacquieMc commented on September 14, 2016
Yes, I dedicated workers and professional in mental health/behavior­al health do effectively work! I appreciate seeing this video. I have had a career in behavior healthcare for 30 years. Also, family members affected by this disease. Today, I am still hopeful for the younger generation I witness with the disorders. I began my career working in the school systems. They assigned me to two school. I in a rural area and the other inner city. I could on and on providing relative data to support what I hear you saying. I am glad to hear that you are an advocate in congress or in the senate ? Thank you, Jacqueline McKenzie, LSW,MASM, LICDC-CS,ICCS,DD